Products: Micro Generation

Micro Generation Systems/Equipment produce their own energy, be it heat, electricity or a combination. Below are the products in which we offer.

 Most Micro Generation products would be eligible a Government payment scheme; as you are generating your own power. See the ‘Incentives’ section for more information on these schemes and what you could earn from each one.

biomass_chpBiomass CHP generate electricity using biomass and a by-product of heat. With one of site you’d benefit from:
  • Free Electricity.
  • Free Heat.
  • Government ROC payments.
  • Government RHI payments.
  • Waste Disposal System.

An average business would see a return on investment within 3 years; after which you would then be making money due to the RHI & ROC schemes.

solar_panelsSolar panels are the most commonly used micro generation technology at current time. They work by ‘collecting’ natural sunlight to generate electricity and/or heat. With solar panels installed you’d benefit from:
  • Reduced Energy Charges.
  • Government FIT payments.
  • Government ECA payments.
  • Government controlled energy surplus purchase.

The average return on investment with solar panels is 6-10 years; though this varies due to location and current usage factors.

wind_turbineWind turbines use the natural power of the wind to generate electricity. Benefits of them include:
  • Reduced energy charges.
  • Government FIT payments.
  • Government controlled energy surplus purchase.
  • Government ECA payments.

The average return on investment with wind turbines is 3-5 years.