We’re on a mission to reduce Carbon Emission & Save Water!

When it comes to energy saving and reducing carbon footprint, you can guarantee Brightest Fuels has it covered. From ESOS assessments to greener oils/lubricants, our expert carbon reduction consultants can help your business achieve fewer emissions, reduce your energy bills and save money; all whilst helping you and your business get closer to net-zero carbon.

Some Of Our Services

NSF Agricultural

Working alongside NSF we’re making great changes in the agricultural sector. From LED lighting to energy self-sustained farms we’re covering all ground.


Our highly trained assessors are fully qualified to undertake your companies ESOS assessment before the next deadline date. Book yours online today.

Anaerobic Digesters

The mighty machine that’s capable of turning waste product into sustainable gas and electric, with surplus energy being sold back to the grid for profit.

Exol Lubricants

Using canals as its main shipping method, Exol is leading by example as an Oil and Lubricants supplier; which is why we’re proud to say we’re a major supplier. We offer solutions for both Business and Agricultural usage.


The game changer in the large engine vehicle industry. AdBlue is the award winning solution that mixes with exhaust fumes to neutralise waste product and make our air cleaner. We can supply all fleet sizes, along with storage solutions.

Green Energy Audit

With our green energy audit, one of our reps would come to your site/place of work. From here we would look at all your current energy uses & where you’d be able to make changes to reduce both your energy consumption and cost.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Brightest Fuels is on a mission to reduce Carbon Emissions and Save Water. Working with businesses and the agricultural industry, we have a number of cost, energy and time saving products and services to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

We can cater for all business sizes and offer numerous solutions, some of which can be funded by national/government schemes.

If you’d like to get in contact please fill out the form on this page and one of our team will be in contact soon.

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