Digestate Dryers

A Digestate Dryer connects to an Anaerobic Digester using CHP technology to dry the waste product at the end of the digestion process. It will produce a dry pellet which is a more concentrated fertiliser. It utilises the surplus heat from the CHP, benefits from RHI, reduces transport costs and improves transportability’s. The end result is much smaller in volume.

Digestate Facts

1) A digestate dryer will produce between 5% and 10% return of pellets on original fuel tonnage.

2) It will improve RHI figures in lieu with what’s available.
e.g. 2,000,000 kWth returns 2,000,000 kWth RHI (Typically on less than 600 kWth output) £119,800*

3) It will reduce Digestate by 95%.

4) It makes land available as minimal storage.


5) It will make Digestate more manageable as a solid rather than a slurry.

6) It will make the new Digestate a pellet, complying with PAS100 and a usable product.

7) Pellets can be sold at a rate of between £20-£25 per tonne

8) The end product is odourless.

9) Typical ROI 36 months based on full sale of pellets (higher value if used internally).

10) UK manufacture and warranties.

11) They’re fully fundable.

Therefore typical return on 350 kW CHP with no RHI claim existing:

RHI: £119,200

Pellets: £24,000

Total: £143,200

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