Green Energy Audits

Brightest Fuels can help your business/place of work acheive both energy savings and lower energy usage with one of our site audits. It all begins with an Energy Survey. One of our representatives will visit your place of work to undertake an audit, where we’ll be able to calculate what your current overall energy consumption is.

We start by building a detailed survey on your site/place of work. The survey looks at, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Machines
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Hot Water Usage
  • Voltage Conditioning
  • Electric Supplies
  • Energy Sources

This allows us to draw up a report on your workplace, showing key areas where you could make changes. The report itself includes:

  • Potential Financial Savings
  • kWh (Energy Usage)
  • CO2
  • Return on Investment*.

 *Return on investment is shown on a per product basis, so you can see exactly what products benefit the most and where your current major energy losses are.

We Look For Sustainable Sources

In our recommendation we try to use recognisable, renewable/sustainable resources. A good example of this is an Anaerobic Digester, which provides heat and electricity or a Biomass boiler which uses renewable and sustainable fuel.

Other sustainable sources such as wind turbines, anaerobic digesters and solar panels are also considered; however certain circumstances such as site location and operational requirements might make these an unsuitable option.

Finally we also look to see if there are any forms of grants are available from local, national or EU bodies. If required we can source finance from a number of Green Institutions, though this is looked at on a ‘per site’ basis.

Want more information or wish to arrange an audit? Complete the form on this page and one of our team will be in contact soon!